Project description

          The objective of creation of the website was informational and methodological introduction of the Participatory Budget (PB) in Georgia.

        PB annual progress in Georgia is a result of broadening cooperation between non-governmental organizations (NGO) and local self-governments. In 2015 main initiator as well as organizer was Foundation Another Space from Poland. Project was implemented in partnership with “One Caucasus” (NGO) from Georgia and municipality of Marneuli region. In 2016 the project was supported by The Georgian National Committee of Helsinki Citizens and National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia (NALAG). Partnership was deepen in 2017 by integretion of NGO’s like Green Caucasus and Association of Financiers of Local Self-Government Units of Georgia, as well as the  municipalities of Gori, Borjomi and Sachkhere.

          In 2015, 2016 and 2017 year projects implementation was financial supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland under the framework of Democracy programme of Solidarity Fund PL .

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Description of the projects

          For the first time “Participatory Budget” was conducted as a society complicity instrument in Marneuli municipality in 2015. Fund “Another space” (Poland) conducted the project “Local Activity in Marneuli Municipality including Participatory Budget”. The project was based on the activities, that served as a preparation of local authorities and citizens for creating “Participatory Budget”. After conducting preparative works – educational seminars, informative campaigns – Marneuli civil council  was held in village Tserakvi in 2015 to determine future initiatives for 2016. There were 50 initiatives presented, out of which about 30 have been selected for the year of 2016.

          In 2016 “Participatory Budget” was realized within the project “From Budget to Action-Participation Leaders”. This project aimed to continue “Participatory Budget” started in Marneuli  in 2015 and to increase the coverage of regions.

          To raise the awareness of other municipality representatives participation event was held to give them main details about the project. 11 municipality representatives took part in this event, out of which Gori and Sachkhere municipalities decided to participate for the next years.

          Within the project journalist competition was held to select the best ones, who would represent the main aspects about “Participatory Budget” in the best way.

          The final event of the project was the conference answering following questions – Why do we need to participate? Is it worth participating? How to conduct “Participatory Budget”? Local authorities, governmental and public organization representatives attended this event.

         “Participatory Budget”  was conducted in three municipalities – Gori, Sachkhere and Borjomi. In addition to this new model of participatory budget was elaborated in Borjomi municipality, which meant setting priorities and using electronic database to monitor the flow of the project. Besides, this project aims to  sustainably develop this practice in Georgia. Therefore advisory board was founded, which worked on the recommendations about the changes in the codex of local authorities,  planned to be presented in the Parliament of Georgia. Within the project the network  of practitioner trainers was created, who are ready to support the development of “Participatory Budget”  and supervise it.

         “Participatory Budget” 3-year program and all the material is published on the website . Here are presented all the models of the processes conducted in Georgia, documentation patterns, analytical documents, reports and practical recommendations.