Participatory Budget in Georgia

          In 2015 with the initiative of the foundation “Another Space” (Poland) and in cooperation with the organization “One Caucasus” (Georgia) Participatory Budget practice was implemented for the first time. The first Participatory Budget took place in Marneuli municipality. The program continued for the following years. In 2016 Gori municipality joined the practice of PB and in 2017 not only in Marneuli and Gori but in Sachkhere and Borjomi was the project implemented.

Since the regions differ much from each other PB process is different too in each municipality. For example, in Marneuli and Gori 5% of the total budget is allocated for the projects while in Sachkhere one administrative unit was chosen and the money allocated for PB was only 1.25% of the total amount.

In Borjomi municipality local population worked together on the development of a new model covering the entire free budget. Population is involved not only in projects but also in determining the priorities of the municipal budget. The cost of all PB projects will be presented in the municipal budget. In addition, the whole process is carried out using the electronic system of determining priorities and further monitoring of their implementation process.

Below are given the PB models of each region:

COA of Borjomi.svg
Official seal of Gori
Official seal of Marneuli მარნეული